⚽️ Homosexuality is banned at the 2022 FIFA World Cup 🇶🇦

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "AR SCHOLES Homosexuality is banned at the 2022 FIFA World Cup"

🇶🇦 LGBT+ people in Qatar have little choice but to hide their sexuality to fit into a society which widely regards homosexuality as a sin.

👎 After declaring the country a "gay-friendly" nation for the duration of the tournament, the president of the organizing committee Asser Al-Khater declared that in the emirate it will not be allowed to show homosexuality and that Lgbtqia + footballers "will be able to play, but they will have to respect our culture and that of neighbouring countries".

⚽️ UEFA and FIFA have for long been corrupted and here once again they are accepting to host a WorldCup in a country that does not respect human rights just for economic factors.

🏳️‍🌈 Sexuality is not a matter of culture, it is a human right that has to be respected. We will not invite people participating in the WorldCup to kiss each others because of Covid-19 but it is time to change these outdated institutions and to make them live in the current century.