🇵🇱 Izabela killed by the Abortion Ban

🆘 In 2021 one would hope that the death due to abortion would have almost disappeared. Instead, deaths due to illegal abortion are still a sad reality in the world and in Europe.

🇪🇺 But it is even more concerning when a death happens in the middle of Europe. And not because of legal practices, but because of a law that basically bans abortion. Izabella, a woman from Pszczyna (Poland) died at a Polish hospital in September after suffering septic shock — but her family only made the case public last week. According to her family lawyer the doctors, fearful of the consequences of performing a termination of her pregnancy, instead waited for the foetus to die, and thus caused also Izabela's death.

✊🇵🇱 We support all the people in Poland who in these hours are protesting against this inhumane law. We also want to suggest two contributions published on Arbury Road that talk about the question:

🎙 The first is an interview we made with Iwona Reichardt

🗣 Iwona is deputy Editor-in-Chief of an English language magazine "New Eastern Europe" and co-founder of "FemGlobal", a new association in Poland that gathers female professionals employed in the foreign policy area and is co-author of the book "Will women save the world. Feminist foreign policy" (2020). Here she talks about the situation in Poland in the last months. While the situation is dramatic, in the conclusion she stresses that she hopes this will bring a reaction in the future, and a re-affirmation of European values. ❤️

📝 The second is an article written by Josephine Neil

Arbury Road
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🗣 Josephine is a UK based researcher in art, religion and the history of ideas. In her article, she uses art to reflect on the situation in Poland and, more in general, on abortion as a right.