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Paco Martino Ruzzante
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🎙🇫🇷 French Presidential Elections 🇪🇺🇫🇷🇩🇪

🎙 This episode of Arbury road is split into three parts (one in English, one in German and one in French). We discuss the result of the first round of the presidential elections in France with two young french-german political activists.

🗣 Magali Hübers, member of PS and SPD, works for the European youth forum; 🗣 Arthur Russel, member PS and SPD, working for the SPD in Berlin.

🇪🇺 In the first part (English) we look at the results of the elections and their consequence on the political landscape. 🇩🇪 In the German part we try to understand how far specific topics influenced the result. 🇫🇷 In the last part in French, we compare the German and French situations with a focus on the rise of the social democratic party in Germany and its failure in France.

⚓️ English part

⚓️ German part

⚓️ French part


✍️ The need for social education in a globalised world: food for thought

🌳 At this moment when the war in Europe rightfully occupies the attention of everyone, we do not have to forget that other emergencies like the #climatecrisis are still there, more pressing than ever.

✊ We think structural economic factors are an important cause of #climatechange, but Yassin wonders whether human nature is the root cause and what we can do to address it. What do readers think? Feel free to join the conversation here or on our page.

Arbury Road
The need for social education in a globalised world: food for thought
Evolution has not prepared people for today’s globalised world, in which their actions can have far-reaching consequences. Our technological capabilities have outrun our institutions, our thinking, and our culture, causing existential global problems like climate change. In order to better deal with these problems as a society and as a world community, …
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🎙🇮🇹 Appunti Resistenti (Notes from the Resistance) ✊

🇮🇹 New episode of the Arbury Road podcast on the anniversary of the Italian Liberation Day (25th of April 1945).

📖 Readings from “Piccoli Maestri” by Luigi Meneghello by Abracalam.

📍 The event will be at 12.00 at Casa del popolo circolo ARCI XXV Aprile, Vicolo Magenta, Padua and live on the pages of Arbury Road, Articolo Uno Padova and Centro Studi Ettore Luccini.


👤 Alessandro Tognon Articolo 1

👤 Floriana Rizzetto President of ANPI

👤 Antonio Barchesi Auser

👤 Daniele Lorenzi National President of ARCI

👤 Flavio Varotto PD

👤 Arturo Winters SPD and co-founder of Arbury Road

🇪🇺 The event will be in Italian but with English subs in the youtube version. There will be also some videos from Arbury Road members!

✊ See you soon… and don’t give up the fight!

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