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🇧🇬🇷🇺 “It’s complicated”: Understanding perceptions of Russia in Bulgaria

🇪🇺 “United in diversity” is the EU’s motto. Europe is presently united in fear and condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but some member states are more closely connected to the history and problems of the Black Sea region. In this article, Vessela Mitkova examines the complexity of Bulgarian attitudes to Russia, and how these have changed in the wake of aggressions. #bulgaria #russia #eu

🇧🇬 This is the first article for Arbury Road by Vessela, a Bulgarian PhD student who is studying the external relations of the EU, with a focus on the US and Russia.

A new female statue in Padua (🇮🇹)

🎙 New episode of our podcast about an initiative undertaken in the city of Padua. A motion was presented with the proposal to add a statue of a woman among the statues of "Prato della Valle", the main square of Padua and one of the largest squares in the European Union (see the picture).

Storia & Curiosità su Prato della Valle a Padova

🗣 Paco Martino Ruzzante, co-founder of Arbury Road and PhD in Economic History at the University of Cambridge, talked about it with Margherita Colonnello, municipal councillor of the PD in Padua, and signatory together with Simone Pillitteri of the motion "Padua deserves a statue of a woman".

🗽 Just think that in the entire region of Veneto there are only 6 statues representing women (not taking allegories into account)! Time for a change! #padova #equality #genderequality #pratodellavalle #aboutpadova # elections2022 #padovasocial


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A new female statue in Padua
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✊ Arbury Road 1st General Assembly

Become a member of a transnational multicultural gender-neutral collective!

Arbury Road is ready to hold its first General Assembly which will take place on the 1st of May 2022 at 18.00 CEST. We will elect the Arbury Road executive and approve our manifesto. The Assembly is open to all members and reflects Arbury Road's democratic structure and principles. If you are interested in contributing to our project for a progressive EU, you can become a member by filling out the membership form and contacting us at:

🇪🇺 paco@arburyroad.eu and katren@arburyroad.eu

🇮🇹 giorgia@arburyroad.eu

🇩🇪 arturo@arburyroad.eu.

We invite anyone who is interested to participate and contribute. We look forward to seeing you at the Assembly!

If you don't have time to contribute actively but still want to support us, please subscribe to Arbury Road! You can also donate HERE.

✊ See you soon… and don’t give up the fight!

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