Mar 8 • 36M

A new female statue in Padua

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🌹 Happy 8th of March!

🚺 In this difficult time for everyone, when the war after more than two years of pandemic increases uncertainty about the future, we must not forget that women have paid a very high price. The coronavirus pandemic has had an alarming impact on women globally, with women being disproportionately affected by job loss and burnout as they juggle work with caregiving demands. An ILO report also affirms that, even if the war does not affect the economic recovery, fewer women than men will regain employment during the COVID-19 recovery.

🎙 It is time to change. And in this regard to celebrate this day with you we want to share a new episode of our podcast about a very beautiful initiative undertaken in the city of Padua. A motion was presented with the proposal to add a statue of a woman among the statues of "Prato della Valle", the main square of Padua and one of the largest squares in the European Union (see the picture).

Storia & Curiosità su Prato della Valle a Padova

🗣 Paco Martino Ruzzante, co-founder of Arbury Road and PhD in Economic History at the University of Cambridge, talked about it with Margherita Colonnello, municipal councillor of the PD in Padua, signatory together with Simone Pillitteri of the motion "Padua deserves a statue of a woman".

🗽 Think that in the whole Veneto there are only 6 statues representing women (allegories are of course not taken into account)! Time for a change! #padova #equality #genderequality #pratodellavalle #aboutpadova # elections2022 #padovasocial


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