Feb 16 • 40M

A new progressive agricultural policy for Europe? episode #2 Podcast in 🇩🇪

Arbury Road Podcast

Arturo Bjørklund Winters
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Interested in a more progressive Europe? Join the Arbury Road magazine team for a relaxed and friendly discussion about the latest developments in European politics and current affairs.
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🎙 What do #equality and #agripolitics have to do with each other? How does our agriculture affect life around the world? Arturo was able to passionately discuss these and other questions for us with the feminist and agricultural expert in the European Parliament Maria Noichl. 🇪🇺

🌱 After the first podcast (https://anchor.fm/arbury-road/episodes/Arbury-Road-Podcast---A-new-progressive-agricultural-policy-for-Europe--Podcast-in-e16vumm) with her for the #GAP (en. #CAP) we shed light on the many other facets of agricultural policy with her. 🚜👩‍🌾 Enjoy the podcast!:

⚓️ Anchor link: https://anchor.fm/arbury-road/episodes/Arbury-Road-Podcast-A-new-progressive-agricultural-policy-for-Europe--episode-2-Podcast-in-e1ec3j0