EURO at 20

📌 Now, nineteen different countries use the euro;

📌 Euro is the 2nd most important global currency;

📌 Euro is used in over a 1/3 of transactions worldwide.

🇪🇺Euro has allowed EU countries to have a greater influence in the global economy and is a tangible sign of our shared European identity.

‼️But there is still a long way to go:

1️⃣ The European banking system must be strengthened and monetary union achieved through policies that do not only favour the richest countries.

2️⃣ Digitisation of money must be a priority.

3️⃣ Monetary policies must be accompanied by expansive fiscal and economic policies and aimed at reducing inequality and youth unemployment, developing the most impoverished areas and promoting the welfare of the population. Next Generation EU is a good first step, but we must continue in this direction.