Oct 26, 2021 • 1HR 8M

Gender Pay Gap and the Italian Equal Pay Draft Bill (podcast in 🇮🇹)

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🎙Podcast on the Gender Pay Gap during the European Gender Equality Week! We focused on the Italian Equal Pay Draft Bill. To discuss the GPG we had Giorgia Cazzola, Lawyer and Co-founder of Arbury Road and Alessia Pittelli, Lawyer and previously National Head of the Young Democrats. The podcast is in Italian but you find the subtitles in English and other languages on youtube! As always the podcast is available also on Spotify ➡️ (links below). Topics addressed:

✅ What is the gender pay gap

✅ How it negatively affects the economy and people's lives

✅ Law on Equal pay in Italy - does it resolve the gender pay gap or could more be done?

✅ SPOILER ALLERT: the law doesn't fix the situation and more needs to be done!

✅ What can we do better?

✅ Examples of initiatives in other virtuous countries in Europe and in the world.

✅ The cultural (and communicative) change we need!

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