Happy Earth Day 2022!

🌏 Today is #InternationalEarthDay!

🌳 It is the biggest #environmental event dedicated to our planet, and it has been celebrated every year for the past 52 years, since the 21st March 1970.

💚 This day in 2021 is dedicated to repairing the damage we made to our planet

👶 Luckily, our collective conscience is changing. 46% of young Europeans consider climate change one of the worst problems in the world even in a time of war and pandemic.

💪 And 43% of young people believe that economically advanced countries should do more!

♻️ Read our Arbury Road articles about the environment! ➡️ https://www.arburyroad.eu/s/climate-crisis

🌏 It is time for a change and together we can!

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