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Hopes for the new German government

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🎙 New episode of the Arbury Road Podcast. We were lucky enough to have as a guest Demir Hakan, Elected Member of the German parliament for the constituency of Berlin Neukölln in the 2021 German federal elections.  

🇩🇪 We had a chat about the elections, what brought the SPD (and Green) to success and to form a coalition with the liberals. Finally, we discussed what are the hopes for the new government. Topics in detail:  

✅ What internal changes made the SPD win the elections 

✅ Can the SPD be a model for other European progressive forces? 

✅ What are some of the main points of the programme - minimum wage, welfare interventions, legalisation of cannabis. 

✅ What are the hopes to realise this programme within the new traffic light coalition. 

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