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Startups in Europe: problem and chances to tackle

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Interested in a more progressive Europe? Join the Arbury Road magazine team for a relaxed and friendly discussion about the latest developments in European politics and current affairs.
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🎙🇪🇺 With founders and employees in the Startup sector from Southern to Northern Europe, we look at the last data regarding the Startup economy on our continent. Together in this podcast, we try to detect problems, chances, and political choices to tackle them. You can more information about the political importance of this branch in the article.

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'Startups' - buzzword or economic revolution?
I moved to Berlin in September 2015. My first experience was the university introduction event. The technical university of Berlin put great emphasis on their support to students who had founded a “startup”. Many alumni presented their “startup”, explaining how their idea changed the world. I had arrived in the heart of Europe’s startup hype…
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Articles read: 'Startups' - buzzword or economic revolution?
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