Stop ghost flights above European sky

🌳 Do you know that airplanes produce about 2,4% of global CO2 emissions?

✈️ Do you know that thousands of flights without passengers or with a few of them on board cross European skies?

🦠 Due to the spread of Omicron, thousands of passengers have cancelled their journeys. Airlines have difficulty filling their flights, but cannot cancel them. Why?

🇪🇺 European legislation provides for the rule of "use it or lose it": if an airline wants to maintain the right to take off and the right to land at an airport must start a certain number of flights; if it takes off fewer planes, it forfeits these rights and transfers them to another airline.

‼️This is a huge damage both economic and environmental. The European Commission must change this rule or even eliminate it. It would be in line with the European Green New Deal because the Commission has undertaken to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030.