Dec 2, 2021 • 1M

Sweden's first female PM

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🇸🇪 This week Sweden got its first female Prime Minister, the Social Democrats’ Magdalena Andersson.

Actually, she was first elected last Wednesday, but forced to resign just hours later when the Greens left the minority coalition that had governed since January 2019 after a record long negotiation with supporting parties following the 2018 election.

Andersson becomes Prime Minister after the retirement of Stefan Löfven, who was returned as Prime Minister after losing a vote of no confidence in June.

We published Simon Davidsson’s article on the June government crisis if you’d like to know more.

An unusual week to end a tumultuous year in Swedish politics, reflecting growing uncertainty since the breakdown of bloc politics with the rise of the far-right Sweden Democrats.

The Sweden Democrats helped draft the new Budget passed by the parliament last week as an alternative to the red-green proposal.

Now leading a weak minority government, Andersson will have a tough time ahead of the election next September.

Anxious times for progressives!

💪 But we should still celebrate Sweden’s first female Prime Minister - long overdue in a country with such a good track record on gender equality!