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15 November - 21 November

Arturo Bjørklund Winters
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💉 Panic before use

🏥 This week we have an interesting article on the efficacy of Covid vaccines. As countries throughout Europe and the world have gone through the process of vaccinating their populations this year, there has been a lot of fake news. In this article, which is the first piece authored by Mimmo Brombin for Arbury Road, we present a few statistics that show that Covid vaccines are not only not dangerous, but also very effective. Mimmo writes:

‘Data from the American CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) suggests that the lucky ones are certainly the "fearless" vaccinated: vaccinated people have a 17 times lower risk of being hospitalized due to COVID-19 than the unvaccinated’. 

Arbury Road
Panic before use
🇮🇹 This article is also available in the original Italian version Prepare for landing. I clasp my hands to the seat, take a breath, close my eyes and as soon as I feel the wheels of the plane land on the ground, I let out a sigh of relief, as if it had all been a dream. With me, others sigh or applaud, while only a few habitual flyers remain indifferen…
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A review of COP26

🌳 COP26 just ended. There were a lot of controversies and many protests, but some important results were also achieved.

👩‍💻 Check out our infographic in the link to find out what happened!

✊ Still, a lot needs to be done, and the time to act is now! Ultimately, the fight to avert planetary breakdown is intersectional! We invite you to follow Third World Network and futuros indigenas! And of course Arbury Road! ❤️

Arbury Road
A balance of COP26
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🇵🇹 Portugal approved a new work law which is in line with the European Union guidelines for improving work-life balance ➡️ See the infographic in the link ⬇️

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✊ Minimum Wage - Arbury Road Podcast

🎙🇪🇺 In this new episode of our podcast we talked about the minimum wage with Simone Fana, an Italian intellectual and journalist who has collaborated with magazines such as Left, L'Internazionale, and Jacobin.

📕 The discussion is based on the book NO MORE HUNGER WAGES that he wrote together with Marta Fana. ➡️

➡️ Topics covered: ✅ what is the minimum wage? ✅ why a minimum wage is needed in Italy ✅ what are the main criticisms of the minimum wage and how do we respond? ✅ how does the minimum wage fit into a more general progressive vision of the future?

🇮🇹 The podcast is in Italian but with English subtitles on youtube. Next week we will also have another episode on the minimum wage in Europe in English.

Arbury Road
Salario minimo - Arbury Road Podcast
Listen now (39 min) | 🎙🇮🇹 In questo nuovo episodio del nostro podcast abbiamo parlato di salario minimo con Simone Fana, intellettuale e giornalista italiano che ha collaborato con riviste come Left, l'Internazionale, Jacobin. 📕 La discussion è basata sul libro BASTA SALARI DA FAME che ha scritto assieme a Marta Fana.…
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