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Interested in a more progressive Europe? Join the Arbury Road magazine team for a relaxed and friendly discussion about the latest developments in European politics and current affairs. No academic discussions, just free-flowing conversation about important topics between friends and special guests. Topics include climate change, populism and welfare.

Startups in Europe: problem and chances to tackleListen now (58 min) | ⚓️ ANCHOR LINK HERE for Spotify and all your favourite podcast platforms. 🎙🇪🇺 With founders and employees in the Startup sector…
🇮🇹 The condition of future mothers in Veneto and in Europe.Listen now (21 min) | 🇮🇹 La condizione delle future mamme dal Veneto all'Europa 🇪🇺
French Presidential ElectionsListen now (57 min) | Arbury Road Podcast
A new female statue in PaduaListen now (36 min) | Arbury Road Podcast
A new progressive agricultural policy for Europe? episode #2 Podcast in 🇩🇪Listen now (40 min) | Arbury Road Podcast
End of life treatment: towards a European legislation 🇪🇺Listen now (61 min) | 🎙 New episode of our Podcast dedicated to European Living Will and End-of-Life treatment. Prof. Caterina Garone, scientist and…
Hopes for the new German government Listen now (46 min) | Arbury Road Podcast
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